Monday, August 6, 2012

Allow me to reintroduce myself...

Ahem.... Let us all pretend we do NOT see the post below, I had good intentions of blogging after Neeley Kayt was born & found absolutely ZERO time to get that done.... 

Whirlwind year it has been, I don't even know where to start! I have a lot of things that I am going to catch up on, but for right now we are moving forward.

First & foremost, I want to thank Neely for giving us a face lift around here. I LOVE IT!!!! I am especially fond of yellow & gray right now! It makes blogging so much funner when you have a snazzy blog!!!

I recently started Weight Watchers & will be blogging along the way about that. I also have lots to say about my 3 beautiful blessing. And last but not least, my faith, it has come a LONG way since this time last year! I might tell you a bit about the old man of the house while I'm at it!!!

So, I want to say hello & we are still kicking (and screaming most of the time)!!!! Also, I recently closed up my Facebook & Twitter, it was a personal thing for me. I am still on instagram, so find me around there!

Until til TOMORROW (not next time, it will be tomorrow!) when I might actually have a post & not just a bullet style list!!!

Psalms 139:14
All my love,

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Picking myself up...

Well, I am picking myself up & hopping back on the bandwagon. Having a newborn, 2 & NOW 4 year old can make for hectic times. I just realized I need to be blogging to remember all these wonderful days! So, for the next few days I will be posting one or two a day until I am caught up with all the events of the past 2 month. Until then, you can stare at this beautiful little girl like I do every single day; she's obviously why I accomplish NOTHING!

All my love,
A mama to THREE!!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Whirlwind trip to the Emergency Room

So where to start....

First a small back story on "the cuppy" & why I did what I did. A few weeks ago, like always, I fixed the boys cups & we headed out. When we got home I couldn't find Brily's stupid cup ANYWHERE, I hunted and searched the Suburban high & low... No cuppy anywhere! So I assumed that when I was loading the boys back into the truck it had rolled out & was lost forever in some parking lot. I have since bought new cups, it's been that long.

Yesterday I was cleaning out the truck in preparation of N's arrival & what do I find? Brily's sippy cup, it had rolled under the folded down back seat. It had been in there for over a month with chocolate milk in it. Yep, that is disgusting! I brought it in and washed it out, filled it with soap & bleach, sat it at the back of the counter & planned to stick it in the dishwasher today.

SO.... This is where it gets bad!

We got home from Church & the boys were playing. I walked around the corner to see B drinking from "the cuppy" that was full of bleach! I flipped out, snatched the cup, threw it in the sink & crammed my finger down his throat to try and get him to puke the bleach back up before it absorbed. About that time he began to struggle & got to where he couldn't breath. (More on why in a moment) I then headed out the door & to the E.R. I got outside & realized I didn't have any shoes on, ran back in & then ran to the truck while screaming at Jake to get Jace and follow me to the E.R. because B had just drank bleach.

I flipped on my flashers & drove way over the speed limit to get him to the hospital, he was still gasping & in between gasps was spitting out a frothy like spit-up. I was driving like a mad woman to get him to the E.R. poor baby was so scared he just kept looking at me with the most terrified look. I was trying to stay calm, but was about to break!

When we got to the E.R. they had the Emergency door locked (evidently hospital policy) I began beating on the door, no one was hearing me. That is when I lost it and began to breakdown, just before I turn to go to the main entrance some guy see me & slowly walks over. I was freaking out & the guy was taking his sweet time. He opened the door & I just walked past him telling him what had happened.

By this point B was able to breath a little better, but was still not himself. They got him all hooked up & some fluids to get the taste out of his mouth. The doctor came in & after telling him what happened, he explained that the bleach itself was not enough to hurt him, but the fumes is what causes the airways to close.

So he was going to be okay! WHEW! I think the doctor was more afraid that I was going to have a baby... Brily ate a BIG huge popcicle & was bouncing back to his old self. Jake arrived & brought B some clothes because he only had on a T-shirt & shoes when I swooped him up & left! I tell you they are always naked!

We are all better now & trying to finish getting ready for little miss! That is our Whirlwind trip!

Less than 24 hours I will be a new mama again!!!

Yes, you read that right! Tomorrow, MONDAY MAY 23rd I am heading to the hospital to have my baby girl!!! I cannot believe it, it has flown by so fast that it makes me incredibly sad!!! I have had a wonderful pregnancy & am going to miss all of the little rolls & kicks. It's hard to believe this is the LAST day I will be pregnant! 

I am over the moon though with excitement to be having a little girl, our family of five will be complete! I have finally quit nesting like a mad woman, there are still a couple things that I wanted to get done, but I know come Thursday when we get home they won't matter. 

I don't think the boys really know what is all about to happen, but I know they will be so in love with their sister! We took a couple of pictures yesterday, I cannot wait until she gets here & have family pictures taken. :) I need one of those ridiculously large pictures plastered on my wall. 

The last few visits have been very uneventful, I am praying that the C-Section goes the exact same way! Remember me tomorrow morning, I am sure that I will be a nervous wreck! 

My last pregnancy update ever! 
(That's sad to write) 

I carried you to 39 weeks 1 day.

My guess is you will weigh 7 pounds 1 ounce & be 21" long.

I suspect you'll have a head full of hair like your brothers did. 

From the ultrasound images you will probably have your daddy's cute little nose.

I PRAY you have your daddy's long eye lashes. Mommy now has short & thin eyelashes since she had your brothers & you. 

I only gained 25 pounds with you. Quite a BIG difference from J&B, I gained close to 50 with Jace & probably 60 with Brily. Mommy was a beached whale!!!

Mommy has a seamingly swell pregnancy with you, no complications except for my kidney issue. Thankfully no high blood pressure or diabetes. I did have to take a lot of vitamins, but that's nothing compared to last two pregnancies!!!

I will be glad when I don't have to wake SIX times a night to pee! Oh, I am REALLY looking forward to that! I know I'll probably still get up 6 times a night with you for a while, but thats okay. 

Thank you again everyone for you support, prayers & encouragement! I am receiving my reward tomorrow for all the hard work ;) I cannot wait to post pictures of the little Princess!!!!

Here is our maternity picture from yesterday! 

Monday, May 16, 2011

I promise....

I have 2 post coming, one is about my fabulous Mother's Day & the other will be a baby update! 

If you didn't realize I am having this girl in ONE WEEK!?!?!?!?   That is what been busy doing, getting ready for a baby! 


Monday, May 2, 2011

Goodwill Good Buy

So many of you know, I have professed my love for Goodwill a time or two around here. Yesterday Jake & I decided to take a impromptu trip to Springfield & do a little flea marketing. We ended up only going to ONE flea market, but we went to Goodwill instead. I always find great things there, but evidently my husband has a better eye than myself. I need to work on that!  I did notice Thursday when I went that Target had just made a donation. I love LOVE those days! Basically Target takes a bunch of returns & sale merchandise & donates it to Goodwill for resale. 

Jake saw a big box on the top shelf & saw a lady looking at it, it walked over & it was a 

BRAND NEW set of Rachael Ray Pots & Pans. Go ahead & click that link (the picture is from the link)... Yes they do retail for $200.00 & we paid a quarter of that! Talk about bargain!!!! I love Target

We also got a few other things:

Jace a (like new) pair of Gap Jeans $2.00
Jace a NWT pair of mesh shorts $2.00
Brily a new box of 48 Crayons $1.00
Neeley a set of little linker-doo toys $1.00 
I got a pair of dress shoes that are new from Target $6.00
Jake got 2 pairs of swim trunks (like new) $3.00
Boys also got some NWT Toy Story socks $1.00

And I think thats all! It was totally a success!!! I only like the Springfield GW, the one in Rogers is a dud, they color code their clothes, it smells terrible in there & I never find ANYTHING! I have only found maternity clothes once & the rest of the times it was useless visits!!! (I still keep going back though!)

**Down fall to buying new pots & pans.... Jake is expecting me to cook! GAH! 

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Showered with Love take Three

We had our third shower today, Miss Neeley Kayt is already sooo very spoiled! She got some of the cutest things!!! According to the boys it was her "birthday party" haha! 

Here is a slide show of the shower

And everything the little Princess got today! Grandma Vicki (My mom) has gone wild!!! She has 4 grandsons & she is over the moon to be finally getting a 'Granddaughter.' She got some of the cutest things!!! She got her a 'Pretty Purse,' it came with a cell phone, powder compact, coin purse, keys & of course a purse to put it all in. She also got her 2 adorable outfits, one is a brown cow print cowgirl dress with matching boots & the other is a pink outfit that is PRECIOUS!!! (See below) My Grandma got her a teeny tiny tea pot for her little cabinet (See below). I cannot wait to have a tea party with her, I'm sure brothers will enjoy it just as much. I'm sure she will have her way with them & they will be playing babies & tea parties a lot! 

Nee Nee's Diaper bag

Flower outfit

Cowgirl outfit & boots (I die!!!!)

Cabinet from Grandma Betty & teeny tiny tea pot!